The Intuitive Process

This is the first of the workshops and is where participants learn to communicate with plants, use their own intuition and co create with the plants.
The information received can be nutritional, medicinal or connected to the spiritual well being of the person. It is very specific to the individual but also connected to the group as a whole.

Opening the Heart

This is the second of the workshops and is based on the mandala, which is an ancient unifying symbol. The intent here is to expand and open the Heart Space. It also works with sacred geometry embedded in the plants and the science of numerology.

Chakra Alignment

Based on Sacred Geometry and following the chakra system this workshop has been proven to align the chakras using the vibrations of colours and shape. Using the GDV camera and software we have been able to take before and after images from all of these workshops. The results show significant movement of the chakras with the auric field being improved.

Plants and Sacred Geometry

This is a special Plant Co-creation designed to take advantage of the energies coming to our planet right now. it is a perfect time to let go of all that has come up for re examination, acknowledgement or completion.
In this workshop we will focus on metatrons cube which contains all the other geometric forms. We also be exploring the alchemy of colour and numerology in relation to our design.
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