The Gaia Sacred Clothing Label

The Gaia Sacred Clothing Label grew from the Conversations with Gaia workshops and evolved further with the Plant Wisdom process. It began with TShirts which are easily accessible and are usually cotton. It is important for them to be made of a natural fibre so they can be linen, bamboo, rayon or viscose.
The label now includes pants, shorts, yoga toos and dresses.
The garments are serving a sacred meficinal purpose as well as being besutiful. The Sacred medicinal side of the clothing is the most important part as it serves many functions. Operating in the quantum field plants are able to bestow their healing qualties and information into the clothes through the Plant Wisdom process. They have also given us a language to decode the most significant aspects of their communication. These messages will be included on the labels as each garment has a soecific energetic and healing function.
This clothing label has now been extended to include Sacred Geometry and the Open Heart Mandala TShirts and dresses.
The garments have been tested using a GDV camera and software and have results ranging from chakra alignment to sending energy to the parts of the body that require healing.

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