Plant Wisdom

Plant Wisdom is about forming a different relationship with our environment, one that is more wholistic and involves an awareness of plants  and nature as conscious beings.  My name is Pauline Melrose White and I have developed a series of workshops where participants can experience for themselves how to communicate with the Plant Kingdom and learn to understand and receive the messages they bring.  This communication is made visible through the use of heliographic dyes on a piece of clothing, usually a T-shirt to begin with. The information received can be multidimensional as well as physical. 
Pauline White - Plant Wisdom
Communicating with nature is not new and is a way of being that existed long before what we know as modern society. All First Nations know and understand what it is to be one with nature and to see the connection between all things, that all of nature has consciousness and if we do what Australian Aboriginals call “deep listening” we can enter a space where we can make a connection with nature that is based on love and respect.

I was first shown how to communicate with plants in Hawaii in 2013 by a Kahuna. I had gone there to learn about sound and vibration but due to unforeseen circumstances the teacher had an accident and after convalescing at the home of the Kahuna it was decided to change the course. The course then went ahead with both of these amazing teachers, half of it being about sound and the other half being about Hawaiian culture and ceremony.

It was here that the Kahuna was instructed by the ancestors to ordain all 8 participants as priestesses of the land and that it was time to share the knowledge. I was given the name Ravens Light. After returning to Australia I had no idea just how much my life would be changed by this experience, in fact I continued with my business of being an artist.

This is where things got interesting as the plants started communicating with me through my artwork by showing me their auric fields and by changing the colours I had used. Originally known as “Conversations with Gaia” these processes morphed into “Plant Wisdom” in 2016 while setting up the program at Rythmia in Costa Rica.

Plant Wisdom

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