"I have attended Pauline's Plant Wisdom workshop several times in different settings and I always experienced some kind of magic. Her conscious preparation and guidance through the process enabled me to tap into my creative side and connect with that special place within the self that resulted in the wonderful tapestry of colours. Not to mention the multi dimensional messages I received when engaging with the wonderful flora, fauna and crystal kingdoms of Mother Earth. The process never stopped at the workshop as more and more messages came through by wearing the clothing we created. Pauline, thank you for your loving guidance that has added so much to my journey of self discovery. Keep up building that Rainbow bridge!  With Love and Light."
Aniko Skribek - Perth, WA, Australia 


"I have always found Pauline’s artwork fascinating and so I attended her Plant Wisdom workshop in Mexico City with an open mind. I found it thoroughly insightful and relaxing. Pauline was clear and explained the whole process and her experiences with plants before proceeding onto the first step. We were also lucky to have some musicians amongst us who played beautifully as we meditated. There were around ten of us and Pauline took the time to sit with each of us and guide us through the steps. Once our T-shirts were complete and drying in the sun we had an amazing lunch and got to sit and chat amongst us all. I would 100% recommend this course to those seeking something a little different and wanting to learn more about the magic of plants with the added addition of having a very unusual T-Shirt."
Emma Raine Walker, Actress/Writer/Producer - Mexico City 
"This was an amazing workshop and I highly recommend it. Pauline is a fun teacher and I really enjoyed the learning space she created for us. We learned about the way plants resonate and communicate with us. One of the processes involved each of us intuitively choosing a plant. It was amazing the way the plants responded giving each of us a personal message.
Pauline’s Plant Wisdom workshop is profound. It introduced me to a more respectful gentler way of communicating with plants and made me aware of the powerful energy field that plants are silently holding for us, patiently waiting for when we are ready to allow it into our lives. She has co-created with the plants a wonderful tool that can help us integrate the new healing energies coming onto the planet into our daily lives.
Thank you Pauline"
Mary Choo, OTR, Kinesiologist, Mindfulness Practitioner, Published author of ‘Reclaiming Ourselves’ - Perth WA Australia 
"The Plant Wisdom workshop expanded my understanding of wisdom and importance of all plants and trees.
I enjoyed learning how to communicate with different plants.
My connection and awareness of the environment around me changed - there is more magic but also bigger responsibility. It was fun to create a beautiful t-shirt using plants, stones, crystals and rainbow colours.
Pauline is a warm and wise teacher.
Relaxing and fun day."
Eeva-Lisa Pukkila-Fraser - Perth WA Australia
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